Educators and trainers use our video quiz tool for testing comprehension and reinforcing key concepts.

The Ensemble Video Quiz feature is a tool that allows instructors and trainers to easily create quizzes on top of their videos and then publish them in the LMS, CMS, blog or webpage. Our online video quiz tool increases active videwing, enables user-focused measurement, and provides another way to improve teaching and learning. Finally, the Ensemble Video quiz feature makes the video viewing experience more engaging!

Ensemble Video Quiz


Setup a Quiz

Quiz creators choose which video they will associate with their quiz and determine their quiz settings.

Setup Video Quiz

Add Quiz Questions

Quiz creators create multiple choice, multiple select and/or true false questions. Then, quiz creators can add hints and explanations for each question they add.

Edit Video Quiz Question

View Quiz Results

After a quiz has been created, Ensemble Video provides the educator or trainer results and can drill down into specific results by question and users. Additionally, they can export results to a PDF or CSV.

Video Quiz Results