Engage and Empower ALL Your Students

Keep all your students engaged by putting the control in their hands. Ensemble Studio's dual-video lecture capture player provides two independent video streams, this allows your students to select their preferred viewing layout for video on demand or live lectures. Additionally, our HTML5 lecture capture player guarantees video delivery to virtually any device, LMS or website on the market. Finally, Ensemble Studio's lecture capture player includes these great education-focused features: Video Quizzes, HD Playback, Annotations, Viewer Reports, Security, LMS Integrations, Playback Speed, and Branding.

Video Accessibility

Ensemble Video's lecture capture player offers a full set of video accessibility solutions to ensure your video is accessbile to ALL viewers. The lecture capture player is accessible and includes support for closed captions, an interactive transcript, a downloadable transcript, and audio descriptions. Finally, the Ensemble's lecture capture player is compatible with screen readers and can be controlled with keyboard shortcuts.