Hybrid-hosted deployments combine the scalability and flexibility of cloud servers with the performance of dedicated hosting.

Ensemble Video Cloud-Hosted DeploymentThe Ensemble Video hybrid-hosted options offer flexibility, scalability and choice. There are two hybrid-hosted models, a self-hosted master system and a cloud-hosted master system. In a hybrid-hosted deployment, the media cache server(s) dynamically fetch content on first request from the master server for immediate streaming and stores it temporarily in a cache for subsequent viewers. The master system can be installed in the cloud or on-premise, then the media cache servers are installed in your alternate location (on-premise or cloud). The hybrid-hosted deployment increases the scalability of video-on-demand streaming and enables you to reach more viewers without clogging your network.


Region and Language Settings

Ensemble Video supports language and region settings so you can work across organizational, geographical and language barriers.

Server Recommendations

Self-Hosted Master: The Ensemble Video Platform is comprised of four (4) different technologies and can be installed on 2 (minimum) to 4 (maximum) servers. The platform can be installed on virtual or physical servers. At least one cloud-hosted media cache server is configured in this model.

Cloud-Hosted Master: The cloud-hosted version removes the need for your technology staff to handle servers, installs, licenses and maintenance. Your users need only a personal computer or mobile device. At least one self-hosted media cache server is configured in this model.


The pricing model is based on the master Ensemble Video system and number of media caching servers. Ensemble Video can work with you to create a customized, cost-effective server configuration that fits with your IT resources and supports all your intended uses.