Easily harvest video and audio content from users without an Ensemble Video account.

Ensemble Video Dropbox The Ensemble Video Dropbox is an all-time favorite among our customers. The Dropbox empowers organizations to receive video and audio submissions for a variety of applications. With a just a few clicks, users can set up a video Dropbox, create a unique URL, define a Media Workflow for that Dropbox, and then share the link with constituents to upload their content. Our customers use the Dropbox feature to target non-technical users and/or users that are not registered users of Ensemble Video.

Student Video Assignments

An instructor can easily add a video assignment to an LMS or CMS course and have student-submitted content funnel directly into his or her media library for review.

Video Contests

The Ensemble Video Dropbox is a simple, user-friendly way for contestants all over the world to upload contest entries from their computer or mobile device.

Stakeholder Video Feedback

The Dropbox enables any stakeholder to provide visual feedback in a timely and effective manner. Whether for technical support, product reviews or just voicing an opinion, the Dropbox provides unique opportunities for video interactions.

Alumni Video Submissions

With just a couple clicks, alumni can upload their precious memories to a specific Ensemble Video Media Library. Ensemble is able to ingest just about any file type, from just about any device they can throw at it.