Leverage Ensemble Video functionality without installing technology in your local network.

Ensemble Video Cloud-Hosted DeploymentEnsemble Video's cloud-hosted SaaS solution provides organizations with "on-demand" software delivered over the Web. The majority of our cloud-hosted customers require administrative controls, simple media management features and the robust publishing features of Ensemble Video, but they lack the infrastructure, team or desire to implement the on-premise solution. Typically, cloud-hosted customers have several to many users, located in any number of locations, managing hundreds to tens-of-thousands of videos for multiple internal departments.


Region and Language Settings

Ensemble Video supports language and region settings so you can work across organizational, geographical and language barriers.

Server Recommendations

The cloud-hosted version removes the need for your technology staff to handle servers, installs, licenses and maintenance. Your users need a personal computer or mobile device -- that's it!


Ensemble Video's cloud-hosted pricing is based on a monthly or yearly service fee. Cloud-hosted pricing levels are based on storage with a monthly streaming quota.