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Every day, we hear from experts in business, education, government, and health care who are stuck in video content management that lack clear direction and fall short of overall goals. You know YouTube isn't enough and it isn't a video cms. Your homegrown video content management platform is becoming increasingly unmanageable. And you've probably tried an open-source video cms that ended up too complex, and full of hidden costs. We feel you. You need an video content management platform that supports an open media ecosystem, allowing you to choose the best tools to suit your needs, and eliminating the risk of proprietary lock-in.

Ensemble Video streamlines video capture, video content management and video publishing on our flexible deployment options in the form of Self-Hosted, Cloud-Hosted, Hybrid-Hosted and Multi-Tenant (consoritum hosting) models.


Video Playing on Many Devices
Capture Video


Our video content management customers know that video capture and delivery is a powerful elixir that can accelerate learning, harmonize decision making, facilitate communications, increase productivity and reduce costs. This value proposition has created a great demand for the Ensemble Video cms as many organizations are seeing increased demand for our diverse capture needs in their organization. Learn more about our Screen Capture, Mobile Capture, Live Stream Capture, and Lecture Capture solutions.


Ensemble Video works in concert with users and systems across your organization to enable collaborative sharing and video content management of an ever-increasing flow of video. Regardless of its source, the Ensemble Video management system ensures all your video has a central, secure home. Our online video platform streamlines the most time-consuming steps of uploading, encoding, securing and organizing video assets. Finally, explore our Accessibility, Video Quiz and Annotations features now!

Video Content Management
Play Video


Ensemble Video's web publishing tools make it easy to publish videos or playlists on any website with our responsive embed codes or LMS/CMS integrations. The Ensemble Video management portal offers a simple process guarantees video delivery to virtually any device on the market. We designed our platform and player to ensure that your videos will play anytime and anywhere. Finally, explore our Accessibility, Video Quiz and Annotations features now!

Deployment Options

Ensemble Video takes pride in offering a diverse set of cohesive, high value video content management system deployment options tailored to meet your specific needs. Choose our cloud-hosted (SaaS) solution, our self-hosted video platform, or our Hybrid variations of the two. Finally, we offer a multi-tenant option for consortium partners who want to host the Ensemble Video video content management system in their data center and provide access to multiple organizations..

Video Content Managment Deployment Options

Video Content Management Features

The Ensemble Video content management system streamlines video capture, video content management and video publishing. Please review our core features below or you can view all our features here.

Identity Provider Support
Our video platform supports a variety of Identity Providers to simplify user account management and access to manage and view media.
Video Dropbox
The Ensemble Video Dropbox allows you to harvest videos from students, staff members, friends or other constituents without having to log into Ensemble Video.

Integrated Services

The Ensemble Video Platform integrates with several complimentary third-party video tools and Web technologies so you can take full advantage of media in your organization.

Closed Captioning


Ensemble Video makes accessibility simpler than ever. Our Closed Captioning features and integrations go well beyond what other video platforms can offer. We support automatic captions, caption search, caption editing and integration with several caption services.

Wowza Streaming Engine

Wowza Streaming Engine™

Ensemble Video leverages the world famous Wowza Streaming Engine™ software to enable industrial strength live and on-demand streaming for our customers. Ensemble Video is a technical partner and reseller of Wowza.

Sorenson Squeeze Server

Sorenson Squeeze Server

Ensemble Video uses Sorenson Squeeze Server to enable robust video encoding workflows. Squeeze Server was developed with large-scale content producers in mind, and is great for single or multi-client environments that require standardized media encoding workflows.