Enhance engagement with today's media-driven students.

Ensemble Video K-12 SolutionsBusy K-12 educators have limited time for face-to-face classroom interaction and are constantly looking for effective and secure ways to extend learning. Ensemble Video transforms the traditional classroom learning model into online, flipped or blended learning communities, maximizing learning outcomes. With the Ensemble Video's capture tools teachers can easily create compelling learning experiences for students inside or outside the classroom, and publish video on learning management systems, portals, and public websites. Finally, learn more about Ensemble's compatible, open, technology agnostic video platform which offers great flexibility for media capture, management and delivery needs. Don't believe us? Check out our compatibility chart!

Video Solutions for K-12

Flipped Classroom

Teachers and students can inform each other and enhance learning by creating video lessons with the Ensemble Anthem screen capture tool for viewing anytime, anywhere.

Morning Announcements

Broadcast live video to all your classrooms without expensive equipment or advanced technical expertise. Each program can be streamed live and recorded for on-demand viewing.

Video Quizzes

The Ensemble Video Quiz feature is a tool that allows instructors and trainers to easily create video quizzes on top of their videos and then publish them in the LMS, CMS, blog or webpage.

Teacher Screencasts

Ensemble Anthem, our screen capture tool enables teachers to easily create videos for students on specific topics with customized screencasts, webcam recordings and desktop presentations.

Zoom & WebEx Integrations

Zoom and WebEx recordings can be automatically ingested from the popular Zoom and WebEx web conferencing platforms into Ensemble Video to simplify, management, sharing and publishing.

YouTube™ Integration

Ensemble users can import videos from YouTube™ and publish videos to YouTube™. Learn more about the YouTube™ Integration.

Student Assignments

The Ensemble Video Dropbox makes it easy for instructors to ingest and review student-generated video assignments.

District YouTube™

Create a custom branded District YouTube™ to engage your current students, staff, family members, community members and alumni.

Teacher Demonstrations

Make customized demonstrations for students for in-class or out-of-class viewing to maximize teaching time and extend learning interactions.

Live District Events

Record and share live events within your district, or with audiences around the world. Use the EnsembeLive app (iOS/Android) to stream and record on the go.

Board Meetings

Record and publish board meetings for community stakeholders using our Live Capture feature or the Ensemble Anthem screen capture tool.

Teacher Mentoring & Peer Assessment

Instructors can easily share video resources and recorded lessons and get useful feedback using Ensemble Video's secure portal publishing features.