Ensemble Video is a Leading Video Platform for Education

Video Platform for Education

If you are looking for a video platform for education, then look no further. Ensemble Video is an affordable option for any college, university or school district. Ensemble Video's video platform for education features and go well beyond what free video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo can offer.

Video Content Management for Education

Video platforms for education have increased the ability to reach, connect with and educate students. Teachers and professors can conduct classes and lectures with capture tools, media professionals can live stream special events, such as graduations that can be shared with family and friends around the world. Special programs can observe and record rooms to securely share the content to local and distant viewers. Continue reading to learn more about video content management for education.

Educational Video Streaming

The Ensemble Video platform for education simplifies live streaming for education and video on demand. Our platform ensures your educational video streams to a variety of devices across several platforms.

LMS & CMS Plugins

The Ensemble Video platform for education delivers video to a variety of devices across several LMS, CMS, social platforms and webpages.

Screen Capture

Ensemble Anthem is a powerful Mac and Windows screen capture solution supporting your lecture capture, screen capture and flipped learning needs.

Closed Captioning

Educators can use our automatic captions feature, our built-in caption editor caption and/or leverage captioning partners to caption content.

Ease of Use

Our video platform for education is an easy to use system for your instructors and instructional technology professionals that want to simplify streaming educational videos. Additionally Ensemble offers the best management features when compared to other video platforms.

YouTube Isn't Good Enough

There is no arguement here, Ensemble Video is focused on education. We don't display ads, you own your content and Ensemble Video will never be blocked by IT. Additionally, the Ensemble Video video content management for education organizational framework was designed for schools and colleges.

Focus on Education

Hundreds of universities and schools are leveraging Ensemble Video platform for education across the globe. Read our case studies.

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