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After some time working with Ensemble Video our customers are kind enough to share some feedback on their experience with our video content management system and our team. Here are a few appreciated remarks.

The Ensemble Video platform is at the heart of the web-based video services in development on our campus, and the Ensemble team has never failed to help us out along the way. Their support team is responsive, and they're great at understanding and working with our needs.

-- Casey, Digital Media Specialist

Ensemble Video's Blackboard Building Block and simple plugin codes make it easy to embed video(s) in Blackboard! Overall, Ensemble Video makes my job so much easier. I can take videos created by our Smart Board, drop them in a folder on my desktop, and in no time at all, it's available for all faculty to view. Its ease of use and reliability that makes your system stand out from the others.

-- Glenn, Instructional Technology Analyst

At Colgate University, we have been using Ensemble for two years and it is rock solid! We have over 2,000 media elements in the Ensemble system, which are served through our Moodle course management system and we never receive any complaints from faculty or students about problems with media playback.

-- Ray, Director of Digital Media

Ensemble has done a great job with the product. And as always, I'm amazed at how quickly and thoroughly emails sent to tech support are answered. The service Ensemble provides us through our annual maintenance agreements is the best I've experienced.

-- Stephanie, Director of Instructional Technology

Ensemble Video's Shibboleth integration authorizes users to access Ensemble Video information securely from anywhere without additional passwords. The new auto-provisioning feature allows us to automatically create accounts in Ensemble based on the way we have configured our Shibboleth service. We can even assign permission-based roles in Ensemble Video based on the user's affiliation with our University.

-- Carly, Senior Instructional Technology Consultant

The Automatic Sync captioning solution is so nicely integrated with Ensemble, we have found that using Ensemble is a major building block for the library to provide captioned video both on our website, and as a mechanism for rapid captioning and delivery of older feature films and documentary material for which reasonable accommodation requests have been made in connection with courses. Without the combination we would have a set-back in our accessibility efforts.

-- Jonathan, Senior Associate University Librarian

I just wanted to write and say thank you to Ensemble and team. The support has been fantastic and I am very, very happy with the product. At this very moment, I'm FTPing 20 videos to Ensemble that will be embedded within Moodle and used in a class tomorrow morning. The compression is lightening fast (faster than Vimeo or YouTube!), the quality is great and the quick publish tool essential. This sort of video production turnaround was previously impossible at Bates. Ensemble is - as we had hoped - the ideal last step in our academic video workflow. We're already fielding requests from Athletics and our Communications office for space on our Ensemble instance!

-- Colin, Digital Media Specialist

We were very impressed to see the Annotations feature in Ensemble Video. It has allowed us to create chapter markers for our lecture video content, making the topics easy for students to scan and navigate.

-- Joanna, E-Learning Projects Specialist

The new Moodle Plugin from Ensemble is amazing! It has made pulling media from Ensemble into Moodle a breeze. Our instructors no longer have to leave Moodle to find video links or embed codes, and they no longer have to figure out how to copy and paste the codes into Moodle. The Ensemble Video Plugin makes life so much easier for our faculty!

-- Sherry, Instructional Technology Specialist

I want to thank you all the staff at Ensemble for your technical support, which has always been excellent. This is a key reason why we went with you in the UK. The installations were smooth and uneventful. There is plenty of documentation. Of course, the product is a delight to use as well – it has an easy to use interface and ticks all the boxes, delivering video to our staff, students and partners.

-- Alan, Information Technology Consultant

We integrated Ensemble Video with the Tandberg Content Server to easily capture, manage and deliver K-12 American Sign Language content between school districts in our region.

-- Amy, Coordinator of E-Learning and Special Projects

Ensemble Video has quickly become a part of our online presence here at New England Tech...Before Ensemble, we were clogging our LMS with video files that took up a lot of space and performed poorly. With Ensemble we have solved that problem quickly and simply. Video files are now easily uploaded, converted, and streamed for playback directly within our LMS. Ensemble is working out great!

-- Tom, Assistant Provost

Ensemble Video's Shibboleth integration has eliminated a laborious and lengthy process for manually creating and configuring user accounts and access rights inside the Ensemble system. It has also empowered our users to securely gain access to Ensemble Video without our intervention, allowing them to use the service quickly and effectively.

-- Ilena, Team Leader Instructional Technolgy

Ensemble Video has been a tremendous help for delivering videos to students who need to watch videos (movies, student interviews, instructional clips, etc.) online for their courses. The system is incredibly flexible in the ways you can organize and manage the videos and users, which fits our needs. Lastly,the Ensemble Video staff has been very supportive every step of the way.

-- Joe, Instructional Technology Support

Ensemble is proving to be an excellent platform for Beltone New England to organize and integrate our video in a very efficient manner. We can finally wave goodbye to drawers full of loose CD's and unorganized content. Having our own hassle-free, dedicated space to manage our video content is allowing us to increase communication throughout our company and really accelerate our training program. In addition to providing a very intuitive product, Ensemble also has an incredibly knowledgeable support team that has been lock-step with our every request.

-- Teesha, Internet and Media Specialist

The use of media in education has been growing rapidly here at Lehigh. Ensemble offers us a flexible way to integrate and deliver our multimedia without worrying about installing additional applications or modifying settings on our existing systems. Thanks to Ensemble's cloud service, we were able to quickly and effortlessly set up course related materials for distribution. The support has also been stellar with quick response times and courteous staff. We are very happy to be partnering with Ensemble Video!

-- Carly, Instructional Technology

Ensemble has been quick and thorough in responding to all of our needs as an institution.

-- Lee, System Specialist

Ensemble Video's cloud platform gave us the ability to upload videos, prepare them for podcasts and make them available to all our Nursing students via iTunes. The beauty of it is that it is managed entirely by the Nursing Staff. Also, this semester we used our Tandberg video conferencing system to record our Respiratory Care and American Sign Language classes, then we streamed them through Ensemble Video to our students desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Ensemble made this a simple task!

-- Mike, Media Production Technician

I came to Syracuse University to start the student TV station in 2004. With my experience mostly in TV production I had a lot to learn about moving video to the web. A strong and quality presence on the web is a critical component to teaching students essential storytelling skills and fortunately Ensemble came along. It's easy to use, reliable, flexible and the support is excellent. Ensemble is a quality product run by quality people.

-- Andy, General Manager OrangeTV Network

Ensemble Video's has a very simple and well-documented publishing API that enables any organization to implement customized layouts to meet their needs!

-- Eduardo, Senior Systems Administrator

Ensemble is very simple to use. I created accounts for my students to use to upload their video projects for our coursework and they had no problems.

-- Mark, Coordinator of Library Instruction

Ensemble Video is the #1 enterprise video content management platform in Higher Education and we're proud to be their partner.

-- Chuck, CEO