Ensemble Studio, our lecture capture system, simplifies lecture capture for any organization.

Ensemble StudioEnsemble Studio, provides easy, automated lecture recording in classrooms, meeting rooms, labs, courtrooms, and medical training rooms. Ensemble Studio enables lecture capture so your users can present and teach comfortably, free from technology worries. Presenters can be confident that everything they say and display is captured in Ensemble Video and auto-published to their publishing destination. Use scheduled capture or ad hoc capture for recording class lectures in college auditoriums, K-12 classrooms, board rooms and training facilities.


Classroom Capture

Instructors can request automated recordings of lectures or special events in large classrooms to automate classroom capture. These recordings post online, where students can stream them on-demand.

Affordable Recording Devices

The Matrox Monarch LCS and Matrox Monarch HD are affordable, easy-to-use video streaming and lecture recording devices designed for professionals who need to record and/or stream an event. Record a combination of video sources, in classrooms of any size.

Matrox Monarch HD

Dual-Stream Recording Modes

The complex and expensive recording equipment is no longer required to effectively capture classroom presentations in lecture halls. A typical setup would consist of video and audio of the presenter and a computer source with supporting material which can be mixed into a single webcast. Our classroom recording device allows the administrators to select a number of operating modes that include layouts such as Picture-in-picture and Side-by-side. Click here to preview the dual-stream player.

Matrox Monarch LCS Recording Modes

Webinar: Learn How Every Classroom Can Be Equipped with Lecture Capture

Watch the webinar to learn about our cost-effective, flexible, and powerful lecture capture solution for campuses of any size. Ensemble Studio's lecture capture recording and scheduling system seamlessly integrates room-based video capture hardware, media servers, and video content management systems for a comprehensive lecture capture solution. The webinar explains why our platform is constantly chosen over the market leaders because Ensemble Video supports an open media ecosystem in several deployment options, allowing you to use integrated tools like Matrox Monarch LCSs and Wowza Streaming Engine.