Improve medical education and patient care with video.

Ensemble Video Health Care SolutionsHeath care organizations use Ensemble Video to accelerate medical education using easy, cost-effective tools to create video-on-demand resources and live stream interactions for internal health care professionals as well as public stakeholders. Ensemble Video makes it easy for you to record events, presentations and interactions, and provide straightforward access to video content, whether you are delivering training, communicating with patients, supporting healthcare education or documenting clinical outcomes. Learn more about our open, technology agnostic video management platform which offers medical centers great flexibility for all your video capture, management and delivery needs.

Video Solutions for Health Care

Staff Training

Make customized training videos for clients and staff to get them informed and organized.

Medical Education

Amplify medical education using rich media. Ensemble Video customers in the medical arena choose Ensemble Video to be at the heart of the education and training curricula.


Ensemble Video's Live Capture feature and Ensemble Anthem screen capture tool are excellent options for health care professional that need to record and share medical observations.

Employee On-Boarding

Make customized on-boarding videos for or clients and staff to get them organized and up to speed.

Meeting Recordings

Record meetings for staff members and stakeholders using our Live Capture feature or using the Ensemble Anthem screen capture tool.


Use the EnsembeLive mobile app to live stream and record on the go.

Secure Content

Our security features and content access restrictions allow institutions to secure and control access to sensitive content.